CBD is one of the main cannabinoids in marijuana, and it has an army of positive health benefits for humans. But did you know that those benefits extend to pets too? That’s right, your four-legged family member can benefit from cannabis just as much as you can.

As marijuana is being legalized in more states, more research is going into the medical benefits of THC and CBD. We all know that one of the most significant values of marijuana is its pain relieving affects, ranging from alleviating nausea in cancer patients, to calming burning sensations in patients suffering from nerve damage.

Hemp fiber is here to change the world. That may seem like a pretty bold statement, but the more you read into the benefits of hemp, the more you’ll agree that hemp is truly the wonder-fiber: capable of everything. Since the 2015 legalization of hemp farming in the US, the hemp textile industry has boomed. […]